This is not my first blog post.

I’ve created who knows how many blogs before. I had one going for a while in university with my own domain and everything. I’ve just never really been serious about them. My name was never on those blogs, just usernames and titles that couldn’t be linked back to me; it made me feel safer. Now, I don’t see the point. The few people who read this probably aren’t going to judge me for having different opinions or using whatever language I decide to use. If they do, and they know my name, so what? I’m not scared of you, Internet!

Anyway, the other sites were also created while I was in school, and I’m finally done school. That certainly doesn’t mean I have more time, but at the moment I’m job hunting, and that’s quite a motivator for me to get serious about my social media presence. It’s a motivator for a lot of things. Sometimes feels like an overwhelming lot of things.

I drew this a while back, when I had a tablet. I feel like it just grows more relevant by the day.




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