Really Boring Job Hunt Update

Nothing is happening. Yes, this will be the best blog post ever.

Basically, I’m still looking for a full-time job. I’m still doing the part-time job I had in college, which–shockingly–pays the bills and leaves a little bit for OSAP payments. Only real problem with it is I only work September to April with big unpaid chunks in the middle for seasonal breaks. (Can you guess where I work?)

I’m coming up against more obstacles than I had when I started, I think. For one, the part-time job is actually pretty demanding, and the schedule is strict enough that I’ve actually had to say no to an interview because I couldn’t change a shift with less than a week’s notice. I know, shh, I know it’s awful. I wouldn’t have been fired or anything, it just felt icky when I have people that rely on me. I know, I know! You shouldn’t have a conscience when you’re job hunting, but I’m frickin’ responsible, okay?

Anyway. I haven’t been applying as much as I was five months ago. I’m a little disillusioned with the whole process right now. Still trying, definitely trying, just not sending out fifty resumes and cover letters a month anymore.

That’s it, I think, from a job standpoint. Chugging along….

Yeah,  I’m not even going to put any pictures in this post because images attract readers and this is a depressing read. Peace.


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